Graduation Exhibition

2020년 명지대학교 건축대학 졸업작품 온라인전시회

The opening of
the graduation exhibition

2020.09.08.TUE. 17:00


The first pandemics of our time are asking for reconsideration of our way of life and the requirements of living space. Experts in all fields, including architecture, are hard at work responding to this request. At times of this matter, it is important that the training of professionals, which are the basis of professional competence, must not be shaken. Also, there is paramount importance in "sustainability in profession", a task to take care of and to protect the ultimate value of our society and environment. The College of Architecture Myongji University CAMU, which has been proud to be the leading institute of architectural education with renowned architectural curriculum in Korea, is not shy to face current challenges. This year, as in previous years, prospective architects who grew up in CAMU have prepared a talent-intensive exhibition. Please join us in the online exhibition and be part of the dream.

In Seok Park Ph.D., Dean of College of Architecture Myongji University

2020 Graduation Exhibition

Introduction of CAMU

College of Architecture Myongji University has been devoted to architectural design education for past half century since its establishment in 1972. In 2002, it was the first in Korea to be separated from the College of Engineering to become College of Architecture, and started a five-year curriculum in architecture, first in Korea. Currently, the Division of Architecture has majors in Architecture, Traditional Korean Architecture, and Space Design. The Architecture program was the first in Korea to receive Architectural Accreditation by the Korea Architectural Accreditation Board in 2007, followed by the second term of accreditation in 2012 and its third in 2017, by scoring best results for all terms among all programs affiliated by the KAAB. Our university aims to provide professional education and cultivate architectural experts at an international level. For more diverse architectural design convergence education, the Traditional Korean Architecture major was newly established (2009), restructuring of the Space Design department (2009), and the nation’s first five-year Space Design program was formed (2014), and etc. The CAMU has an unparalleled architectural curriculum that connects and cooperates with the past and contemporary issues, encompassing fields of architecture and design.

The overseas design workshop program, which has been continuing since 2004, is also CAMU’s unique educational strength. Every year, three overseas design education programs, including the University of Venice International Design Workshop, the University of Rome International Design Workshop, and the NYIT International Design Workshop, provide a venue for students to experience architectural design education by meeting with foreign students in foreign architecture educational context.

College of Architecture Myongji University is proud to be the best architectural education institution in Korea with a variety of fields and educational programs based on substantial human and educational resources such as the largest program student body in Korea and the largest number of full-time faculty members. We promise that we will continue to play a leading role in Korean architecture education.